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Evaluation of the originals and notification to authors

1. The Revista Portuguesa de Humanidades selects the originals through the peer review system.

2. Each paper will be evaluated by two experts. Each reviewer will draw a report that includes the reasons for accepting without revisions, accepting with (minor or major) revisions or refusing the submitted text. During the evaluation process the anonymity of both authors and reviewers will be preserved.

3. The evaluation criteria are the following:
- Originality and relevance of the work (in accordance with the theme, the method, the hypotheses or data presented, the conclusions drawn, and other items considered of significance).
- Relevance of the work concerning the thematic lines of the journal.
- Consistency of the arguments and theoretical and empirical foundation.
- Adequacy between the formulated objectives and the work developed.
- Adequacy of the methodology used.
- Revision of the state of the art and up-to-date quality of the bibliography
- Discussion of the implications and theoretical and methodological aspects implied by the theme in consideration.
- Clarity, linguistic correction, organisation and structure.

4. If one of the reviews is negative, the text will be submitted to the assessment of a third reviewer.

5. The authors will be notified of the results of the evaluation, and will receive the reviews and the specific recommendations of the reviewers. In case of conditional acceptance of the work, the authors must introduce the suggested alterations until a given date.

6. There is no possibility of appealing against the result of the evaluation.

7. The authors whose works are published will receive a digital copy of their article and of the issue.

Evaluation of Papers

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