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16.2 A Antiguidade clássica na obra narrativa de Fernando Campos

Cristina Costa Vieira
Universidade da Beira Interior / Centro de Literatura Portuguesa (FLUC)
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The contemporary writer Fernando Campos, with a Classical Philology Course, has appropriate throughout his narrative work the Greco-Roman antiquity. But the modes and intensity of that appropriation are diverse, as it is clear after a general presentation of his work. Interestingly, it has been in his latest publications, dated of this century, that this appropriation is deeper. Thus, based on an analysis that looks for intersemiotic intertextualities more obvious or more subtle with facts and texts of classical antiquity, this study embraces two texts of each narrative genre cultivated by Fernando Campos (the short story and the novel) where that era and culture are more present, revealing different modes of their appropriation: satirical or serious; allusion or chronotopic projection; explicitness or subtlety; verisimilitude or heterodoxy.


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