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16.2 “Dans ses yeux insolents, je vois ma perte écrite”.1 Narcisismo, olhar e desejo em Um Copo de Cólera, de Raduan Nassar

Sérgio Guimarães de Sousa
Universidade do Minho
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Essentially recurring to Lacanian psychoanalysis, may aim will be to emphasize in Um Copo de Cólera (A Cup of Wrath) by Raduan Nassar, the complete rejection of a hero for social reality and his firm and unremitting desire for confinement into the limits of his land. In other terms, the rejection to the social and discourse structures of the symbolic are rooted in the feature that defines the protagonist by excellence: narcissism. On the other hand, this narcissism seems to be based on the unconscious will of the hero, to confront the Law of the Father, for offering himself as his mother’s object of desire. In this way, the wrath will not be more than the eruption of a narcissistic rage confronted with a gap in the fence that gains the meaning of the vacuum that validates the lost / desired object and which returns the subject to his fundamental fracture.


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